Burlington's Theater and Performing Arts Center

Summer Youth Theatre Workshop 2016

Mon. - Fri., July 11 - 29 / Live performances on 30th & 31st


Are your kids ACTING UP? Enroll them in our Summer Youth Theatre Workshop! 

Theater involvement can make a lifelong impression. It stimulates imagination, teaches valuable speaking skills, and builds confidence while encouraging students to work as an ensemble. This is an opportunity for theater students to shine behind the curtain and under the spotlight!

What Will Students be Learning?

Week 1 Workshop:
Icebreakers, theater terms, line memorization, improvisation, stage presence, diction, audition skills. 

Week 2: 
Audition and casting, read through, rehearsal. 

Week 3: 
Continued rehearsal. Off book by following Monday!

Week 4:
Tech & dress rehearsal. Live performance on Saturday and Sunday!!!


1 week workshop - $20

2 week performance workshop - $40

Whole Package - $50 

Stop by the Burlington Capitol Theater during open office hours and ask for the pamphlet to sign up!  



211 N. Third St.

Burlington, IA 52601

We launch new classes and workshops

throughout the year, so keep checking

in with us.



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