Burlington's Theater and Performing Arts Center


Where do I park? 

There is free on-street parking on all of the downtown streets. For a more detailed listing, please see the PARKING link under the PLAN YOUR VISIT tab.


Where is the handicapped parking? 

The City of Burlington has designated one spot in front of the theatre and one spot across the street in front of the F&M Bank as handicapped only. Each block in downtown Burlington has two designated handicapped only spaces.


Where is the closest ATM? 

There is an ATM in the lobby of the F&M Bank across the street.


Where are the closest restaurants? 

There is a wide variety of restaurants within a couple of blocks of the theatre. Please refer to the DOWNTOWN DINING link under the PLAN YOUR VISIT tab.


When is the Box Office open?

The Box Office is open Monday-Saturday, 2pm-5pm, 30 minutes prior to a film and two hours before the start of a live event. Additionally, there is generally someone in the theatre from 8am-8pm who can sell you a ticket.


Where can I view a seating chart?

Seating charts are available at the Box Office and online at www.redtrucktickets.com.  For reserved seating performances, you will select your seats on the seat map when ordering tickets.


Can I make a reservation? 

While we almost always prefer full payment before we print your ticket(s), we make exceptions in certain cases. We also operate a bit differently for group sales and school performances.


Can I return my tickets?

All sales are final. We do not offer refunds. Members of the Burlington Capitol Theater may exchange tickets for credit towards future performances by returning the tickets to the Box Office at least 24 hours in advance of the performance. For more information about the benefits of membership, click here.


What do I do if the show is canceled? 

In the event of a cancellation we will make every effort to notify patrons beforehand, often by telephone. You will be instructed to return your tickets to the Box Office for a refund. If you purchased your tickets with a credit card, your account will be credited. If you purchased your tickets with cash or a check, you will be mailed a refund check.


What if I can't make it because of the weather? 

If the show goes on as scheduled we are contractually obligated to pay the performers. Therefore, we do not offer weather-related refunds.


Why is there a processing fee? 

The Burlington Capitol Theater works in conjunction with Red Truck Tickets, our off-site ticketing agent. Among other things, the nominal fees paid for their services keeps your financial information safe. Ticket fees at anytime are subject to change. 


Does my infant need a ticket if she is going to sit in my lap during a performance? 

Yes. Every person attending a performance is required to have a ticket, including babes in arms. This allows us to keep track of the number of people at an event in case of emergency.


If I purchase multiple tickets to a performance, will my seats be together? 

Our staff will always select consecutive seats when filling your order, unless you have specifically requested otherwise. If there is any problem placing your seats together a Box Office representative will contact you before processing your order.


How will I know if I can see the stage from my seats? 

There are no pillars, posts or beams in the Burlington Capitol Theater. There are no obstructed-views. The furthest seat from the stage is 62 feet.


Is this show reserved seating or general admission? 

The Burlington Capitol Theater rarely sells general-admission tickets to live events. You may assume that all seats to live performances are reserved. Seating for films, as in almost all other movie theatres, is general admission.


Can I buy tickets for another performance while I'm at the theater to see a show? 

The Box Office is staffed for performances so that it may efficiently serve the patrons attending those events. Therefore, prior to curtain time, Box Office staff will only be dealing with tickets for that particular show. Once the show begins, through intermission, you may purchase tickets to any other event on sale.


Can I redeem my gift certificate over the phone?

With all gift certificate purchases, you must let the ticket office agent know that you are redeeming a coupon. If you are ordering over the phone, you can let the agent know and then must bring the certificate in with you when you pick up your tickets.


Where can I see an up-to-date list of all shows coming to the Capitol? 

The best way to stay informed is to check our website at www.burlingtoncapitoltheater.com, our facebook page or check out our ads and articles in Burlington's Hawk Eye newspaper.


Who is responsible for deciding which shows will be booked? 

Most of the programming at the Capitol is done by the Executive Director who is always willing to take suggestions from our residents. Upon occasion, shows are presented by groups and individuals who rent the theater and are responsible for setting the ticket prices, advertising and the quality of the production.


Why don't you bring in (insert your favorite artists here)? 

There are many factors that go into deciding which artists to book — artist fees and availability, the size of the show (will it fit on our small stage?), how many people we expect to attend, etc..

I have an idea for an artist (or film)I think will do well at the Capitol. Are you interested? 

You bet! Email our Executive Director at info@burlingtoncapitoltheater.com 


Why didn't I know the name of the opening act? Or that there was one? 

Opening acts are often booked much later than the headliner and don't get listed in the marketing materials. By the time the final advertising and articles hit the newspaper, the support group should be available. In the event that you missed it, you may always call the theatre at 319-237-1099 and inquire.


Why is the sound so loud or why can't I hear? 

While your Burlington Capitol Theater is equipped with a state of the art sound system, most artists are granted the right to set their own audio levels. While the Capitol staff strives to provide the best overall experience for our patrons, there are times when individuals might think the audio too loud or not clear enough. Both ear plugs and assisted listening devices are available to our patrons. Please inquire at the ticket office.


Can I bring food or drinks into the theater? 

Yes, anything purchased in our concessions area or from our bar may be brought into the auditorium.


Why is it so hot? Why is it so cold? 

 Please let an usher know if you believe the theater is too warm or too cool. We make every attempt to keep the temperature regulated but it's not always easy in a room as large as the theatre.


Are cameras/recording devices allowed at the performance? 

We allow the artists to make the photo-taking decision for us. Generally, for musical performances, if it's OK with them, still photography is OK with us. We do not allow photography during theatrical presentations nor dance of any kind. With extremely rare exception, we do not allow video recording of any kind in compliance with copyright law.

Please note: The Burlington Capitol Theater is pleased to have Phil Pool as our House Photographer. He may capture your image during the course of his work during our events. These event photos may be used for promotional purposes without your specific written consent and/or without compensation.


Do you provide wheelchairs? 

We do not have wheelchairs but we do have several spaces in the theatre where wheelchairs can be accommodated.


I don't need a wheelchair but I don't think your seats are large enough for me. Can you help?

Unless they have already been purchased by people in wheelchairs, we are able to place an able-bodied chair in a wheelchair space. Please contact the theatre at 319-237-1099 with your concerns.


Who do I see if I have a problem during the performance? 

Direct your question first to an usher. If he or she can't help, you will be directed to the House Manager.


Why do you allow standing and dancing during concerts? 

We want everyone to enjoy their experience in the Capitol but when this occurs, it is generally because the  performers have encouraged their fans to gather in front of the stage or dance in the aisles. Our ticket agents do their best to remind you of this at the time of your ticket purchase.


Can I meet the artists? Get autographs? 

We typically try to book artists who will be available for a meet-and-greet after the show. Generally, it's a matter of waiting after the show to get an autograph or photo and chance for a very brief chat.


Where is the lost and found? 

The Lost and Found is located at the ticket office. If you have misplaced something, please see an usher and be prepared to let them know your seat location.


Where are the bathrooms?

The rest rooms are located in The Annex which is on the south side of the theatre.


Do you have a water fountain?

Yes. It's located outside of the rest rooms in The Annex.


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